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At AFF we are proud to say we are doing what we love. We are a professional video production company with a concentration on fishing and telling compelling stories. We have had a great deal of success lately due to added sponsors, investors, and of course moral support from fellow believers in our magnificent productions. Founder, Chuck Bellingrath provides a standard of creativity rivaled by few. Chuck received his Bachelors of fine arts degree from the Maryland Institute of Fine Arts in 1985 and has never looked back. His days as an angler began over 40 years ago and his passion for fishing and the environment ceases to amaze us at AFF.

Currently we have assembled a strong team of experts to help shoot, edit, and write beautiful productions for our customers. We operate with state-of-the-art High Definition technology and have hired some of the most prestigious cameramen available. We use cutting edge P2 Card technology which is arguably the best way to store high definition footage. We edit with Apple's Final Cut Studio 2 as well.

We pride ourselves in creativity, customer service, and the highest of quality for all our productions. We have slowly built a very strong structure toward our main endeavor: producing high quality, professional films made by the AFF team. We will do freelance work as well as produce The American Flyfisherman.

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AFF is proud to announce Echo Fly Rods as the featured sponsor of 2007.

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