AFF Tip of the Week

Week of October 8, 2007 - Bad shoulder, seeking to extend your cast in tough winds or heavy surf, looking for a new challenge in fly fishing, TRY the new Echo 12' 6" Spey Rod. Casts beautifully and is designed remarkably by Tim Rajeff himself. An Echo Spey rod is versatile enough to use in an array of conditions. We like to keep it handy while fishing for Tuna but in reality it could be used in a variety of situations despite what some anglers might argue. It is a lightweight solution that physically will throw your line farther! Go Echo with AFF! For More Info Visit Echo

- Avid fly fisherman, Jim Carroll throws the new Echo Spey Rod beautifully as Mac and I watch the phenomena unfold in the background. Practice casting in a pond is a lot of fun especially because Jim could cast from his bank clear to the other side!

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