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Week of September 24, 2007 - When on the water remember that you are in the presence of species that have survived thousands if not millions of years. Do not underestimate the consequences of poor judgement while on or near a body of water. Several years ago while fly fishing for tuna, some family and I came upon what we thought was Bluefin Tuna finning about 2 miles off the Atlantic Coast. Turns out it was a large Sun Fish basking in the summer sun. What the Sun Fish didn't know what that the most feared predator in the sea had noticed his position and weakness. That August day we saw a Great White Shark. We were traveling on a 17' Boston Whaler at the time and the shark was bigger than our boat and it was not a whale of any sort! For a moment I could not fathom the reality that I was living. Several days later it was verified by marine biologists that there was evidence that Great Whites had been off the coast of Chatham, MA feeding on seals. Pretty frightening! Be careful and don't panic, you never know what you will see out there. Don't let anyone tell you something is impossible, especially in the ocean.

- Don't you wish you were on the bow of this boat looking out on the water all the time...?

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